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Attorneys and Forensic Data

If your opponent’s client uses a desktop computer or a laptop, then you’ll certainly need forensics involved. Computers have become such an intricate part of our lives, which also means that evidence is often stored on them without the client even knowing. Whether you are involved in a complex litigation or a domestic violence case, we have helped law firms across the state to reduce the cost of computer forensics by providing an exceptional service for a very affordable price.

For larger businesses, our forensic experts can decrypt and extract data from emails and servers, reconstructing it so it is both reliable and irrefutable in a court of law. We have over 20 years of experience in a comprehensive range of devices, systems, servers and more, meaning we are well equipped to secure the data you need regardless of where or how it is stored.

Electronic Data Acquisition:

  • • Thumb/USB drives
  • • CD-ROMs
  • • Servers
  • • Email
  • • Private Data
  • • Hard Drives
  • • Back-up Tapes
  • • Cell Phones

We can also help you to find the fine balance between a technical and legal approach, providing you with the insight you need to make quality decisions regarding your evidence. Our team can also provide you with an expert testimony, that only a third-party forensics investigator can offer. This will certainly give you an edge over your competition, not to mention that it also backs up any existing evidence that might be data or computer based. Our team will help to expose flaws in your opposition’s defense, which can include anything from the misinterpretation of data to their forensic efforts. Because our team is expert in collecting data from hostile and friendly environments, they know how to use the proper recovery technique. This helps to identify and consolidate any electronic information, as well as making it court admissible. Here at Strategic Security Systems Inc., we don’t just gather evidence and hope for the best. We fine tune it so it meets and exceeds your every expectation. We discard unnecessary evidence, while ensuring that the valued evidence is shown in full light by backing it up with irrefutable data. Contact our forensics team today to find out more.


Property and real estate disputes that can arise after the death of a loved one can often be resolved by careful acquisition of electronic data. Once you establish that you can legally access the computer or device, our technicians will ensure that the information needed to defend your position is preserved and extracted in a manner that will hold up in court. From removing a hard drive to analyzing the information it contains, our team is equipped to help build your case.