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Witness Statements

Here at Strategic Security Solutions Inc., we understand that witness statements often come under intense scrutiny. That is why we employ agents who excel at gathering detailed information from even the most reticent of individuals. Our agents draw on extensive training to ensure they ask the right questions in the right way to secure the unbiased information you need. Furthermore, we understand that meeting strict deadlines are key to successful trials. Our team will work tirelessly for you to procure thorough and timely witness statements.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Conduct witness interviews face-to-face and over recorded phone calls
  • Obtain written affidavits
  • Provide the highest possible quality video and audio recordings of statements
  • Testify as to statement contents and procurement in court

Our agents are fully capable of withstanding the scrutiny of both a judge and jury. We adhere to strict ground rules that ensure a high level of accountability and transparency, meaning that our clients can always expect a discreet and reliable service.