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Litigation Support

Workers Compensation

Our two step approach to workers compensation claims ensures that you gain the information you need, while minimizing costs. We first determine the validity of each claim using low-cost but thorough tactics. If the claim is verified to be suspect, we are then able to provide more in-depth surveillance of the subject and determine the legitimacy of the claim.

Interviews / Witness Statements

Using industry best practices, we collect and file written and recorded statements from claimants to gather the detailed information you need regardless of where the subject is. We will also speak with witnesses, neighbors, and acquaintances to ensure that all information we collect for you is accurate.

Video Surveillance

Claimants will often exaggerate their disability in order to maximize their pay out. This can result in dishonest claims, which can have a negative impact against your business. To ensure you are protected from false or exaggerated claims, we can provide court-admissible video of the claimant.