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Surveillance Operations

Strategic Security Solutions Inc. offers professional, discreet, and thorough surveillance services for a wide range of cases. Our team of fully licensed private investigators are experienced in compensation, theft, fraud, and infidelity investigations. We are committed to achieving superior results for you by hiring and dispatching seasoned professionals who have the skills and knowledge your case demands.

Our investigators have a wide range of vehicles, state of the art camera equipment, and professional grade recording devices at their disposal to ensure your needs are met. By contracting with Strategic Security Solutions, Inc. you can be confident that we will deliver a high volume of top quality evidence that will allow you to fully support your case.

A few examples of our services:

  • Undercover surveillance
  • Documentation of facts in the form of video, audio, photographic images or written text
  • Domestic surveillance for use in divorce, infidelity, and child custody cases
  • Missing person investigations
  • Background checks
  • Court testimony